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Another day, another snow storm.

Seriously, I never knew winter could last thing long.  I know there are plenty of places that are much, much colder with much harsher weather, but this is enough for me. Particularly when I step onto what I think is the sidewalk, but is really a foot deep puddle of snow and sludge.

I dream of sunshine and tea parties and some asparagus!  Oh, and tomatoes, notfromacan but honesttogoodness real tomatoes that.grow.on.a.vine. Who knew these would become my dreams.

mushroom leek kale

But we aren’t quite there yet…

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I knew it was too good to be true – the sun didn’t last long at all.  Back to cold and rainy.   How do people do this regularly?  Well, the only good side of all this grey is that warm, hearty food is perfectly acceptable in this weather.  Scratch that, it is required.

That being said, I wasn’t in the mood for any of our usual suspects or traditional hearty dishes.  I wanted something that was both comforting but a bit light.  Does that even make sense?  Well, if it does, I think I came up with something that worked wonders!


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Martha Stewart I am not -
I have no intention of
whittling my own table
and can handle a martini
like nobody's business -
but I do have lots of
great ideas on cooking,
entertaining, and living
that I want to share with you.

Together, perhaps we can find
ways to have a bit more fun!


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