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The countdown is on.  By next weekend we will be back in California.  I can hardly believe it how quickly the time has flown by.  I know there are about 1,001 things that I wanted to do/see/experience in this great city that just didn’t happen.  But I also know that we had another 1,001 adventures we could have never imagined when just visiting.

So for out final week (plus) – what should we do?  I have a little list of ideas, but I’d love you hear from you!

Any hidden gems that you New Yorkers think we must check out?  Or you non-NY’ers, places you want to go, things you want to see?  Let me know in the comments or via email, and I’ll try to check them out.  I’ll even try to remember my camera so you can see it all come to life – since I doubt there will be many recipes on these pages for a bit.

So have at it – restaurants, museums, galleries, food carts, home stores, flea markets – you name it.

And whatever we don’t get to – well, I have a feeling we will be back soon!


Images: Top – overlooking the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park; Bottom – a lovely lunch at Motorino.


About a month ago, I had a full Eddie Ross weekend.  You may recall that I went to his Color & Candlelight event, but I also went to the Chelsea Flea Market with Eddie, Jaithan and a few others.  It was such a treat learning tips and tricks from him – the man is a master at finding hidden gems.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I always have my eye on flatware – I love mixing in different pieces – ivory spoons or mother of pearl knives, so when I found these vintage horn knives I was instantly smitten.

They have a few nicks and cracks, but overall are in pretty good shape.  I just need to take them for a quick sharpening and they are ready for the table.

And after this recent swing of New York adventures, getting back to the table will be a welcome change.  And I love that I will have an NYC find waiting for me.


What are your favorite flea market/thrift store finds?  Or items that you remind you of other places?


I forgot that I had snapped this pic in a Brooklyn subway station (Metropolitan maybe?) a few months ago. I was just looking through my photos for something (else, obviously) and saw this guy.  Thought it was fitting for Earth Day, even if it is now Earth “Night” here.

Since I am generally a not much of a picture person, I must have really liked this to have snapped a shot.  I think it was the surprise of seeing it, particularly in that context, that I loved more than anything.

What has been your favorite art surprise?


Martha Stewart I am not -
I have no intention of
whittling my own table
and can handle a martini
like nobody's business -
but I do have lots of
great ideas on cooking,
entertaining, and living
that I want to share with you.

Together, perhaps we can find
ways to have a bit more fun!


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