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soba noodles with shrimp, cilantro and crispy shallots

There are a lot of great things about having friends that like to cook, eat, etc. as much as I do.  One of them is they often snag reservations to great restaurants that I have been wanting to try.  Or better yet, ones that I haven’t heard of.

And when we are all together and able to cook up a storm, eat and drink to our heart’s content without having to leave home.  Those days are some of my favorites.


And while not as much fun as a group food & wine fest, I also love the inspiration I get from friends.

They have some great tricks up their sleeves.  Someone may have even hidden some mango in a salsa verde which added just a touch of sweetness.  Pure genius. And can’t wait to try it myself (and maybe claim it too).


So when any of these friends recommend a recipe, I know that it is something worth trying.

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Before we get much further, there is something you need to know.

My favorite food may well be popcorn.  And that doesn’t mean that I really enjoy it on the rare instances that I eat it… it means that I eat it too much!

Nothing for lunch?  Popcorn works for me.  Don’t feel like making dinner and/or solo night at home?  Usually popcorn.

And while I like many variables, I rarely switch it up. Caramel corn – hardly ever. Kettle corn – only street side. Plain butter – at the movies. A friend even sent me this recipe when it first came out, and I have yet to try it.  I am too committed to my favorite: chile, lime & cheddar.


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cumin shrimp

These shrimp don’t have much of a story, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. In fact, when a certain someone had them, he said “are you going to write about these? You should.”  I’ll take that as a good sign.

It really just started because I had some extra chipotles in the fridge, wanting to be used.

So that was easy – this sour cream, lime, chipotle sauce takes about 18 seconds, and is a regular for me. It is great smothered on tequila-lime chicken, or as a base for a little Mexi-pizza, just with chips, you name it…

All good choices, but none of those things were going to work for dinner here. (They required the store.)

chipotle lime sauce

But shrimp, that would be perfect.  Shrimp are one of those things that I always have in the freezer.  Always.

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Martha Stewart I am not -
I have no intention of
whittling my own table
and can handle a martini
like nobody's business -
but I do have lots of
great ideas on cooking,
entertaining, and living
that I want to share with you.

Together, perhaps we can find
ways to have a bit more fun!


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