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I hope you don’t mind, but I am in a bit of a tea frenzy. With Alice and Wonderland opening this week, helping my mom and aunt with an afternoon tea for my grandmother’s birthday, and dreams of spring garden parties, well, let’s just say it’s tea time around here. And so while I am tweaking recipes for some updated tea sandwiches in with the old favorites, and mastering a mean linzer cookie, I figured I better get all the accessories together that we will need.

We need lots of plates for the crustless nibbles and scones – I like to mix and match … grandma’s china with some flea market finds is the way to go here, plus a bit of my own china too.  For a spring tea, breakout the florals and butterflies if you have it.  We also need plenty of tea cups, for the tea itself and they also work as great vessels for small floral arrangements throughout the party.

Same goes for tea pots – the more the merrier!  It’s not a tea party without several varieties to choose from – for daily cups my favorite is green tea kombucha, but for tea parties, pots of your favorite loose-leaf is the way to go.  In addition to china and porcelain tea pots, this is the perfect time to bring out my grandmother’s vintage tea service. Extra teapots can also be used to hold larger floral arrangements.

Tea Time

But since we cannot subsist on tea and sandwiches alone, we better add in some cake plates and tiered servers – we need to showcase the macaroons, petit fours, and other confections we whip up.  And we need make sure we have plenty of condiment dishes for jam, clotted cream and all the traditional accompaniments.

And because it is a party, we may need a few other beverages on hand.  I am thinking a raspberry lemonade in glass dispenser, and a silver jigger to spice up the spiking!

If your cabinets or grandmother’s pantry isn’t quite as ready for a tea party, flea markets or your local thrift stores are an excellence place to find these items on the cheap.

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