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About a month ago, I had a full Eddie Ross weekend.  You may recall that I went to his Color & Candlelight event, but I also went to the Chelsea Flea Market with Eddie, Jaithan and a few others.  It was such a treat learning tips and tricks from him – the man is a master at finding hidden gems.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but I always have my eye on flatware – I love mixing in different pieces – ivory spoons or mother of pearl knives, so when I found these vintage horn knives I was instantly smitten.

They have a few nicks and cracks, but overall are in pretty good shape.  I just need to take them for a quick sharpening and they are ready for the table.

And after this recent swing of New York adventures, getting back to the table will be a welcome change.  And I love that I will have an NYC find waiting for me.


What are your favorite flea market/thrift store finds?  Or items that you remind you of other places?


Of all the tips I picked up from Eddie at the Color & Candlelight event, one of the ones I think I will use most doesn’t involve colors or candles.

It’s all about those big vases that seem like a good idea at first, but then you realize you almost never have that many flowers, so are relegated to the back of the closet.

Just fill a large vase with punch, tea, lemonade, sangria, etc. and serve it with a ladle.

What’s great about this, is with the straight sides, the vases can easily hold a label. You can just write what it is on craft paper and paste it on with a bit of double stick tape. Feeling fancy?  Just add a quick band of ribbon. This trick would also work with the apothecary jars that in many stores now’days.

Oh, and have a make sure to have a small plate for your ladle if it doesn’t have a little handle…these vases may be too wide or deep to hold it up, and you don’t want it to go for a swim in your drinks.

Now I just can’t wait for summertime, when I can put this to use…

(Need your own vase/punch bowl?  You can find them many places, but here are a few options: Bosphorus Bowls at Pottery Barn; Seeded Glass Cylinders, Latimer Vases, Juliet Vases and others at Aero Home; Cylindrical Vase at Target.)

Don’t forget to enter leave a comment here to enter to win a set of candles!


This weekend was full of those little surprises that I just love.  It started on Saturday morning with Color & Candlelight with Eddie Ross.  The event was held at Gracious Home in Chelsea and sponsored by Creative Candles – so it was no surprise that the bulk of the chat centered colored candles.

Eddie gave great tips for updating so many looks with such a simple and inexpensive trick.


Colored candles are a great way to make your rooms, parties, you name it look magazine ready in no time. All with the simple swap from a white taper (or votive or pillar) to colored.  They are cheaper than new pillows and can last longer than fresh flowers.

I particularly loved his idea of placing a big group of candles of differing heights on a coffee table or even just a single – a bit of instant drama, and a way to show off more candlesticks that are likely hiding in a hutch.

And a quick way to modernize antique candlesticks?  Add a fun colored candle, and then set them inside a straight-sided hurricane (like this pic from Martha Stewart).

Being someone who is not necessarily color-shy, but seriously in love with neutrals, it’s a great trick.  A quick pink taper on any candlestick (brass perhaps), and voila – instant spice!

EddieRoss and colored.candles


With the colored candles (as seen on the table here), they really do help your eye continue to move up, in a way that white candles wouldn’t.

And so even though there may be a bit more color on the table than I would use at home (change the patterned overlay to maybe a smaller runner – I would want the food to shine through a bit too), I can’t wait to get more color in such a simple way. (And did you notice the candlesticks on Eddie’s table are brass? It’s popping up everywhere!)


We have more tips from Eddie coming up, but in the meantime, I thought a GIVEAWAY is in order.

I snagged some of these great candles, and thought that maybe you should have some too!!

Just leave a comment about how you would use colored candles and what color you like best (options below) and I will pick a winner at random.  The winner of a pair of  7/8″ x 18″ tapers will be picked May 1, so all entries must be in by then.


Good luck and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s favorite color!


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