Any big plans tonight?  Perhaps lots of yummy food, extra dessert and a cocktail or two?  Never mind that it is a Tuesday, it’s Fat Tuesday – more lovingly known as Mardi Gras – and a day of decadence.  It is the final night before 6+ weeks of the Lenten season, which includes fasting and self-denial, among other penitential preparations prior to Easter Sunday.  At least for those good Catholics among us.  For many – it is signal to wear yellow, green and purple, down the beverages and celebrate New Orleans!

We were lucky enough to begin the celebrations early, as our dear friends Catie & Jimmy had us over for Jambalaya last night.  Catie is an excellent cook and happened to wing an out-of-this-world slow cooker version, but I believe she used this recipe and this one for inspiration.  It was loaded with shrimp, andouille, chicken, rice and lots of spice — so good.

So its not too late – cook up some jambalaya (or red beans and rice), mix up a batch of sazeracs, throw some Louis Armstrong on the speakers and have yourself your own little New Orleans party!