Growing up, we always had advent calendars throuout the house.  I ususally had a cardboard one on my dresser – the kind with little squares of chocolate.  And sometimes they had Bible verses (which as a kid were even less fun than the stale chocolate I didn’t eat) or other little messages hidden behind the doors.  In the kitchen was often a bigger interactive one, where we moved a little stuffed package to a new envelope each morning.  I love the traditions and feelings evoked from advent calendars.

So when Jordan {Oh Happy Day!} mentioned how she usually comes up with little activities to do on each of the 24 days preceding Christmas, I immediately wanted to follow suit!

It is the perfect way to savor the holiday season and not have the realization that is is Christmas come crashing on you like a ton of bricks come the 22nd.

So here’s to this form of an advent calendar.  And unfortunately, I don’t have a cutesy calendar hanging on my wall, but I will do my best to share everything here.

(Sidenote, I have also been wanting to post more frequent, shorter posts {with the occasional longer recipe too}, so this may just be the ticket to get me started.)

1. Make an old-fashioned paper advent chain, to help count down the days until Christmas.

paper for advent chain

This one just involved construction paper that I had in my desk, a paper cutter (because I have never been able to cut a straight line with scissors) and double sided tape.

As for the bright colors, well let’s just say that this year’s Christmas decor is a distant cry from my traditional neutrals. More to come during the month.

Making Paper Chains

Are you doing anything fun for any of December’s holidays?