Outdoor Dinner Party Table Setting

Because who doesn’t like pictures of a good table? I thought I would share with you some snapshots and details from Saturday’s (rained out) dinner.

Tables, chairs, dishes, glasses & flatware – collected from the house – which gave for a nice mix & match look.

Tahoe Table Setting

Flowers and vases – Flowers were bought at the Tahoe City Farmer’s market on Thursday (and kept in a bucket of water until Saturday) and then arranged that afternoon.  If you can call it arranging.  Really the stems were cut short and plopped into these great little svalka cups from Ikea.

Napkins – my favorite dishtowel napkins, tekla, also from Ikea.

Menus, Place-cards and Salt Labels

Menus, place-cards,  salt labels & oil tags – For the menus, I used paper that I had leftover from backing the invites (Paper Source A7 notecards in papaya).  The place-cards were also from Paper Source (in night) and for the salt labels and flavored oil tags, I just cut down extra place cards. All of the writing was done with white calligraphy ink.

Salt dishes – picked them up in Chinatown for a song.

More dinner party table setting

Table before the storm

Serving dishes – was finally able to break out some of our wedding gifts and put them to good use.  Most of the bowls and trays were Vietri Incanto and Mary Jurek.

Water pitchers & decanters – my favorites (and also wedding gifts) from CB2, the beaker glass pitcher and the botella decanter.

More Table Settings

Tablecloth – actually just 8 yards of a heavy, but inexpensive fabric from Walmart (a surprisingly great stop for good-priced fabric, especially when you are in a place where you aren’t sure where the nearest fabric store is).  It was perfect for this dinner because it covered 3 tables and when it got stained from the bleeding paper in the rain, it didn’t matter.

Tiki torches – picked up last minute from CVS for a little added light.

I think that is about it.  Up next  – the food … and after the rain!

Images taken by B as I was finishing in the kitchen with friends.  I think we may have a new house photographer on our hands.