veggie burger

Do you prefer cooking solo or with a group?  Just you and a recipe/hungry stomach/desire to make something? Or maybe you have it down to a science with your roommate/friend/spouse, etc?

If you are anything like me – I’ll take it all.  I enjoy cooking alone, the rhythm of chopping and mixing, stirring, tweaking and tasting, and with some good tunes and a glass of vino, it is (obviously) one of my favorite things to do.  But I also really like cooking with family and friends – getting things together for dinner or a little party, each person takes something on and the work (and clean up) is done in a fraction of the time. And it’s fun too boot.

But things can get a bit wonky when too many people are working on the same thing.

Or at least they can where I come from.

Take these Ultimate Veggie Burgers from Heidi Swanson’s 101 cookbooks.  Seriously, click on the link – the picture you will see there is nothing like the one up top.  And that my friends is due to too many cooks in the kitchen.

It started with the best intentions.

We steamed sprouted beans from the Marin Farmers Market but we weren’t quite sure on time/softness – ours seemed to need a lot more than the 10 minutes that the original recipe dictated.  But as a group, we worked through that huddle.  M added all the other necessary things in the food processor – including a can of garbanzos too – to help with the consistency and to make sure we had enough for everyone.  And here is where the trouble began.

Mixing Veggie Burger Mess

The extra beans were added, and then forgotten, because nothing else was doubled.  Oops!  And then I was in charge of the blitzing and I think things could have been a bit creamier.

So when we added in the other goodies – the finely chopped onions, sprouts, bread crumbs, etc. well, let’s just say it was a bit tough to get them to come together in patties.  Particularly when those extra beans were forgotten.  We ended up with 4 super-sized baseball patties instead of the 8 Ultimate Veggie Burgers our oopsies could have yielded.

TOO BIG veggie burgers

And so it will come as no surprise that we could hardly turn the burgers without them falling apart, let alone slice and stuff them.

So we ended up with burger bowls.

And even with too many cooks (all not paying enough attention), they were fabulous.

I can’t wait to try this recipe again.  And hopefully master it.  Hopefully again with more hands than we need.


If you want to try these – I recommend going directly Heidi’s site for the recipe (or better yet, buy her book!), as our “adaptations” were obviously a bit off.

Do you have any too many cooks in the kitchen stories?  If so – please share them in the comments.  Especially if you were able to salvage things – I love learning from other fixes!