Alice Waters at Carrots

It has been just under two months since we have been back in California, and like most things in life, noting the time in days or months or hours does nothing to accurately describe how that time feels. At times it seems like we never left.  Which is interesting because before we moved to New York, we lived in LA, so it is a bit strange to say that in San Francisco it feels like we never left, when we were never here to start.

I think it has to do with friends.

Particularly when they invite you to book signings with Alice Waters.

If that doesn’t make a gal feel at home, I don’t know what does.

Pickled Veggies from Bix

alice waters cookbook

It was a lovely summer evening with good friends, Negronis, pickled fresh farmstand veggies, Alice Waters and a stunning new cookbook. Read more about it and see more pics here.

And while just about everything with the move has been lovely, I haven’t found myself in the kitchen much.  I know it has a little lot to do with all the amazing restaurants this city has to offer and a little bit because I can’t quite get a handle on what I want to eat.  The bounty of summer says light, easy, fresh but foggy days make me yearn for warmer meals.  Don’t I wish my food moods weren’t so tied to the weather?  Thankfully Tyler opened up shop nearby to keep me fed while I figure it all out.

And, I think that just calls for more outings with friends.

P.S. Thanks for your patience until the cooking ramps back up.