Just in case you want to have another tequila cocktail option for upcoming BBQs this weekend, here is one I have been enjoying from The Breslin.  Good food and better drinks are definitely on the final week(s) agenda.

This one is more herbal, less fruity than the strawberry-black pepper drink.  That one is perfect for daytime, and maybe switch to this as the sun goes down.  And if you are serving both of these this weekend, it’s not to late to invite me over!

I haven’t recreated this one yet, so I don’t have exact amounts, but if you get to it before me, let me know how it goes in the comments.

Here is how it’s listed on the menu:

Moon Safari
blanco tequila with fresh pineapple, tarragon and fresh lime juice

If you are unsure of how the tarragon works here, suffice it to say, there was more than one round ordered and consumed. I think I am now trading this slightly licorice-y herb for basil in all my summer cocktails.  For now anyway.

Because at this rate, I am going to have a whole new tequila love affair by next week.  Yikes – let’s hope not.