I am going to guess that you haven’t had a strawberry margarita in quite a while. And considering that too many are made too syrupy sweet, that is a good thing.

But I have one that will make you remember the genius of the tequila and strawberry combo. Well, rather Back Forty has one, but for upcoming Memorial Day BBQs and parties, I’m going to call it mine, and I think you should too.

What makes you come back for another one on this drink is the black pepper.  The rim is coated in a mix of sugar and freshly ground back pepper and it is amazing. I love when pepper is in a bloody mary rim mix, but there it is salty and expected. Here, twinged with a hint of sweet, it is the best kind of almost-summer surprise. Kind of like strawberries themselves. When perfectly ripe, way better than you remember or imagined.


But for all the allure of the rim, the drink itself it simple.

In a large glass or shaker, just muddle together a few fresh ripe strawberries and the juice of ½-1 lime (give or take, depending on your lime).  I don’t think strawberries right now need any extra sweetness, but if yours are less than ideal, add in a pinch of sugar to the mix.  Once the strawberries are muddled, add 1½ ounces good tequila (per serving – you can make a large batch), and stir or shake to combine.

For the pepper rim (or half rim), mix together equal parts superfine sugar* and freshly cracked pepper on a plate.  Rub each glass with the cut side of a lime and place in the pepper mixture.

To serve, fill a rocks glass with ice, pour strawberry/tequila mixture evenly amongst glasses and top with a splash of club soda or sparkling water.  Note – I don’t think the original had this last bit, but I like a bit of bubbly in my drinks.

I plan on enjoying one (or few) of these this weekend.  So, is it the weekend yet?

What drinks are you planning for the holiday?


* Superfine sugar can be found at many grocery stores, but you don’t need to make a separate trip – you can make your own. Just give granulated sugar a quick whirl in the food processor.  However if both the store and a food processor allude you, regular granulated sugar works too.  I just prefer the sugar here to be subtle, and the finer grain helps that.

Collage Images: Lime, Pepper, Strawberries and Partida Tequila