For years, I was scared of the bulk bins at the grocery store. They just seemed way to hippy-dippy for me.  I am admittedly not very hippy and I hope not too dippy. But over the years as I have started eating more and different grains, I have come to love the bulk bins.

First of all, if I want to try something new (like say buckwheat groats) I can get a small amount in case I realize I don’t quite know what to do with them.  Also, when you have a teeny tiny kitchen, it is nice to still be able to try lots of different things without taking up too much space.

Another bonus – freshness. Since I started buying my rice in the bulk bins, it has turned out perfectly every.single.time.  I account that to the higher turnover in the bins than their packaged counterpart.

bulk bins

Also, without the excess packaging, the prices are lower and there is less waste. These two items alone I think make the switch worthwhile!

Someday I imagine that I will have loads of canisters and jars to store all these goodies, but for now, I use the plastic take-out containers – which are pretty handy to tell you the truth.

And with all these little containers on hand, I can do things like whip up (not terribly authentic and but good nonetheless) dal or make my weekly grain salad or an updated pesto with my “pantry items.”


Do you use the bulk bins, or keep the the packaged aisles?  Has your cooking changed at all by using bulk bins?