Moms and grandmas if you are reading, please stop here.  Not all moms and g-moms, just those that happen to be mine (or B’s) – might ruin someone’s surprise…

Now that we have that covered, this little package is just too great not to share ahead of time.  Especially since you still have time to get something out for Saturday delivery (not that we would ever wait until the last minute or anything).

I must admit the I ♥ NYC shirts have always seemed a bit cheesy (right?), so I’ve never had the impulse to purchase any. But now that we will soon be packing our bags and heading back to CA, I couldn’t resist.  On this stop I only snagged ’em for the moms, but I won’t lie – there is a good chance I may pick one or two up for me too.  They will be much more fun to sport out west.

package for mom

And who doesn’t love a homemade treat?  These blueberry crumb bars have been on my mind since I first saw them on Smitten Kitchen ages ago, and I thought they would be perfect to ship long-distance.  And there is the fact that I have a thing for blueberry treats.  Never mind that blueberries aren’t quite in season – this heat lately has made it seem like the middle of summer.

They bake up in a cinch (which is a plus when one is without any serious baking equipment) and look quite lovely too. Thought I’d give them some extra pizazz by wrapping them individually before popping them all together in a ziploc – not glam but keeps the air out and keeps things confined incase they get a bit bumped around in route.


Other than the blueberries, t-shirts and boxes (you know – the main parts), everything else I had on hand.  Butter, sugar, flour – check. I wrapped the shirt in tissue and twine and the cookies in parchment.  The recipe on a notecard and a note on stationary and out it went.  I picked up the boxes at the Jam Paper near my house, which I loved – they were supposed to be blue on the outside, but I swapped it to make for easy writing/mailing and the bright color another added surprise inside.

I can’t say how little this cost (in case mom does read on) but I will say it was much less than the usual flowers and I think will be appreciated much more!!

Have you sent a care package lately?  Received one?  What is your favorite thing to get/give?


Don’t worry … the recipe for these treats are up next!