Of all the tips I picked up from Eddie at the Color & Candlelight event, one of the ones I think I will use most doesn’t involve colors or candles.

It’s all about those big vases that seem like a good idea at first, but then you realize you almost never have that many flowers, so are relegated to the back of the closet.

Just fill a large vase with punch, tea, lemonade, sangria, etc. and serve it with a ladle.

What’s great about this, is with the straight sides, the vases can easily hold a label. You can just write what it is on craft paper and paste it on with a bit of double stick tape. Feeling fancy?  Just add a quick band of ribbon. This trick would also work with the apothecary jars that in many stores now’days.

Oh, and have a make sure to have a small plate for your ladle if it doesn’t have a little handle…these vases may be too wide or deep to hold it up, and you don’t want it to go for a swim in your drinks.

Now I just can’t wait for summertime, when I can put this to use…

(Need your own vase/punch bowl?  You can find them many places, but here are a few options: Bosphorus Bowls at Pottery Barn; Seeded Glass Cylinders, Latimer Vases, Juliet Vases and others at Aero Home; Cylindrical Vase at Target.)

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