richard haines drawing

Are you out shopping today, getting a handle on your holiday gifts?  Not me, I prefer to bask at home in the comfort of delicous leftovers.  This could make get out there, but lines and those stores that open at 4:00 a.m. for today – no thank you!

Instead, how about having a drawing made of yourself or a loved one – such a unique and thoughtful gift, without the fear of being trampled.  Richard Haines is offering a limited time special (until December 26) – a black & white  portrait for $50.  You can email him a photo or visit his studio in Bushwick, if you happen to be in the NYC area.

I love getting things done with a turkey sandwich in hand.

Images by Richard Haines, via his blog (left) and theCut, NY Mag.  Thanks Barbara for spotlighting this!