green bean candle lit

Let’s be honest – the Thanksgiving table can often use a bit of color.  Some of the main components of the plate are a bit bland, in color, not taste! But between the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, that is more than a bit of brown and beige.

So bright colors are a fun and welcome addition, like the blue table here, or how great is this purple version?  But knowing that the food is the main event, there might not be much room for flowers this round. Why not spruce it up with more food?

These candles with green beans are a snap – literally!  Just fit any candle you want with a rubber band and then insert the green beans.  Once you have enough to cover the circumference of the candle, trim the ends so it stands evenly.  Lastly, tie it up and remove the rubber band.  I think a twine would look a bit better, but my trusty kitchen string filled in quite nicely.

green bean candle

In the spring, this also works great with asparagus!

Another way to bring color and light is with artichoke votives.

artichoke votive

These are even simpler.  First, cut off the stem so the artichoke has a flat side on which to stand, and then using kitchen shears, trim about an inch of the top. That is it!

Using your fingers, just push back the soft inside leaves (but carefully, as not to prick yourself) and pop in a votive.  I like the tealights in foil, or the little votives in glass, especially if you plan to reuse the artichokes as food later.

making artichoke votive

Or you can do these same ideas with herbs or apples.  For the herb candle I used double-stick tape instead of the rubber band, just to skip the twine, but you could do it the same way.

And for the apples, using a regular (table) spoon, scoop out a circle from the top and pop in the votive.  You may need to level the bottom to create a sturdy base.

Apple Herb candles

Pretty easy!

Just don’t forget to use unscented candles.  You don’t want anything competing with or overpowering the food!

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